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The U.S.S Nomad NCC-72382 is a chapter of Starfleet International Inc. The Chapter is a correspondence based Chapter with members in Muskoka, Halton, Durham and Hamilton Regions in Ontario. Other provinces are represented by Manitoba and Newfoundland, Canada. Being truly International the Nomad proudly has members in Michigan, USA as well. The Chapter talks all things sci-fi through various social media ports.

The chapter has a focus of community service. Fund raising and volunteerism is important to the group as a whole. Members also participate in comic-cons and cosplay.

The Star Trek aspect is fan based. The "Ship" is a Nova Class Starship that is primarily a Science Vessel. Some modifications were made to the ship due to the Borg-Invasion of the Sol-Sector. The club uses Starfleet ranks, which are fictitious and simply part of the experience. We also have specialties and Billets such as Captain, XO, Chief Operations Officer, Chief of Security, Medical and more. Just like in Star Trek!

Being part of SFI.org (Starfleet International) allows you to take courses through the academy, leading to "degree" programs and a means to gain promotion.  As well, Starfleet offers a Marine Path and a MACO (Military Assault Command Operative) path.

Of course, you can join to just be a part of Starfleet and enjoy Trek with other fans of the 50 Year phenomenon.

For more information contact command@ussnomad.com.
About Us