History Of the Nomad

The USS Nomad

Ship History

The name Nomad has a history in Star Trek from almost the beginning.  The NOMAD was originally a prototype computer space probe which transformed itself into a terminator of “imperfect biological specimens”.  It was from the Star Trek, The Original Series episode entitled “The Changeling”.  This was the third episode of Season 2 in 1967.

As for Starfleet International, the Starship Nomad has a History that spans nearly 3 decades. 

Shuttlecraft Nomad was based out of Leavenworth, Kansas and was launched from the USS Stargazer in 1991. The Stargazer was a chapter located in Region 12 out of Kansas City.  The Nomad was launched under the Command of Commander Mike Malotte.  In 1992, Shuttle NOMAD was recognized as the Region 12 Shuttle of the year. The ship was commissioned as a full chapter in 1992 and was redesigned as Constitution Class refit with the registry number NCC-1805. The ship's motto was "Second star to the right and straight on 'til morning"

In February of 1997, the Nomad was again refitted and recommissioned as the USS Nomad, NCC-78500, a Nomad Class Exploratory Cruiser. The Nomad also served as the Flagship of Region 12 while Captain Malotte was the R12 Region Coordinator.

Mike Malotte was the original CO of the Nomad.   When he left the ship (Malotte moved from Kansas to Arkansas), Ken Janasz took over as Commanding Officer. Carl Johnson later succeeded him as Captain.   When Captain Johnson became R12 RC, PJ Trotter assumed command. 

Fleet Admiral Mike Malotte came back as CO in 2006 and oversaw her decommissioning. The Nomad decommissioned in 2006, after 15 years of service

The ship served twice as Region 12 Flagship and once as Fleet Flagship.

On the 23rd of June 2020, the NOMAD was relaunched as a NOVA class Starship.  Bearing registry NX-72382 and under the command of Commander Joel Robert Ehl.  The ship will be drawing inspiration from the Nordic Nomads of Earth’s Viking history.  On November 23rd, 2020 the Nomad was commissioned to NCC-72382, under the command of Captain EHL.  

The Nomad again seeks out new adventures and to boldly go where no one has gone before.

“without Freedom of Choice, there is no creativity”     



Nomad Class Specifications and Technical Data

The lower two nacelles of the Nomad Class are movable, but it does not create what would be a Variable Geometry Warp system unlike the Intrepid class. Under normal cruise configuration the warp field is maintained first by one set then the other. This results in a "disruption" of the normal warp signature resulting in a warp signature that is nearly impossible to detect by normal sensor configurations.
The alternate mode synchronizes the 4 nacelles for an enhanced "normal" warp field. Resulting in warp speeds on the order of warp 9.98 for an extended time frame (24 hours+). And a greatly reduced warp field buildup, allowing an acceleration time to maximum speed less than 50% of that for a comparatively sized cruiser.

Nomad Class Specifications

Hull Data:

               Class Name -         Nomad Class

               Ship Name -          USS Nomad         

               Type -                    Exploratory Cruiser

               Hull Number -       NCC-78500


               Overall Length -    359.1m

               Overall Beam -                     279.5m

               Overall Draft -                      74.8m


               Light -                    2,021,000 mt

               Standard -              2,130,000 mt

               Full Load -             2,743,000 mt

Computer Systems:

               Control Computer Type - M-15 Duotronic V with ARCC

               Interface: LCARS software

               Memory: Isolinear and Biomnemic Gelpacks             

               Navigation Computer Type - Coridan RAV/ISHAK Mod 3

Transport Equipment Data:


                               Standard (6 person)                              4

                               Emergency (22 person)                        3

                               Cargo                                                   2


                               Type 16 Shuttlepod                             5

                               Type 6 Personnel                  2

                               Type 7 Personnel                  2

                               Type 9A Cargo                                    1

                               Sphinx Workpod                                  3

               Other Craft

                               VT 101 mark V                                    5

                               Killer Bee Assault Shuttles 10

Ship's Compliment:

               Officers  105

               Enlisted  315

               Passengers             Up to 1000

               Total Crew            420  (Standard)

Engines and Power Data:

               Power Unit  Type - Matter / Anti-Matter Reaction Assembly

               Warp Engine Type - Chiokis CK-102a Warp System

                               Number - 4*

               Impulse Drive Type - Chiokis FIG-5 Fusion Reactors

                               Number - 2

               * The lower two nacelles are movable, but it should not be considered

               a Variable Geometry Warp system.


               Maximum Attainable Velocity - Warp 9.980

               Maximum Cruising Velocity - Warp 9.5

               Standard Cruising Velocity - Warp 8.0

               Cruising Range - 8-10 Years

Offensive Systems:

               Beam Weapon Type - Type X Phaser Ring

                               Number - 5

                               Firing Arcs - Omni-Directional

                               Maximum Emitter Strength - 5.1 MW

               Beam Weapon Type - Phaser Burst Cannon

                               Number - 2

                               Firing Arcs - 2f

               Missile Weapon Type - Mk 90 Photon Torpedo

                               Number - 3

                               Firing Arcs - 2f, 1a

                               Warhead Yield - Variable

               Missile Weapon Type - Quantum Torpedo

                               Number - 3

                               Firing Arcs - 2f, 1a

                               Warhead Yield - Variable

               Fire Control System - CETIS Mk III with Type 225 TACAR

Defensive Systems:

               Deflector Shield Type - CIDSS

               Primary Force Field Type - FSQ-4

                               Cruise Mode Shield Output - 1612 MW

                               Maximum Shield Output - 3763 MW

                               Maximum Energy Dissipation Rate - 10.2 x 105 kW

               Cloaking Device Type - FCE-2


USS NOMAD NX-72382 Technical Specifications

The Nova-class NOMAD was built at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards and was designed to serve as a science and scout vessel.  This line of ships was one of the first to be fitted with the Emergency Medical Hologram program.  Additionally, the ship carries over some of the spaceframe originally designed in the Defiant Pathfinder project which includes a recessed bridge protected from conventional attacks by an outer ring.  From here the entire ship could be operated with as little as two officers.  There is also a hypersonic Waverider shuttle, docked to the underside of the saucer section.  The Nomad is able to land on a planet’s surface.

         Registry:     NX-72382

       Class:          Nova

       Constructed: Utopia Shipyards

       Launched:   202006.23 (23 June 2020)

       Length:       221.74 metres

       Deck:          8

       Crew:          Maximum 80

       Top Speed:  Warp 8

       Weaponry:  Type Xb Phasers

                           Photon Torpedo Launchers x 2

       Captains:     Commander Joel Robert EHL